OMEGA-NET Is Presented at the COST Connect on the Future of European Cancer Research

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The Atomium, icon of Brussels, represents the faith one had in the power of science [Image: Jay Lee / Unspalsh]

The Vice-Chair Michelle Turner presents this COST Action in Brussels, Belgium

21 May 2019

On May 21-22, Michelle Turner, Vice-Chair of the OMEGA-NET project will present it at “COST Connect on the future of European cancer research | Beating cancer in 2030: Mission impossible?” that takes place in Brussels, Belgium.

This event aims to pave the way towards closer cooperation between research networks and other relevant stakeholders such as the European Institutions and other organisations in the field. It also offers an interactive forum to participants involved in cancer research, in an attempt to identify the current needs and gaps in the field, a prerequisite for achieving effective treatments.


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