OMEGA-NET will develop an inventory of European occupational, industrial, and population cohorts, including registry-based cohorts, with data on occupational exposures, and develop a searchable web-based database to make the information easily accessible. Users will be able to search for specific study types (e.g. occupational; industry-based etc.), exposures and outcomes, and extract information on the cohorts that have relevant data, as well as basic information on the methods used to collect data. The inventory will be linked with the occupational cohortʼs websites. Researcher access to inventoried cohorts will also be facilitated with a data access protocol and web-link.

Secondly, OMEGA-NET will also develop an inventory of occupational exposure assessment tools, including job-exposure matrices (JEMs), exposure measurement databases, exposure prevalence databases, coding systems and coding crosswalks. These tools will be brought together to build an open resource for occupational exposure assessment.

Inventory of Cohorts with Data on Occupational ExposuresInventory of Occupational Exposure Assessment Tools