Aim and Background

OMEGA-NET aims to make an inventory of meta-data on existing occupational exposure information and tools, to support research on occupational epidemiology. It includes meta-data on job exposure matrices (JEMs), national exposure databases (directly linked, where relevant, to existing cohorts in the Omega-Net cohort Inventory), national and international occupational coding systems and crosswalks to convert between them. This inventory will be the basis for a searchable web-based database, which will become publicly available. It will also serve as a platform to facilitate harmonization of occupational exposure data to allow pooling and replication of findings.

Which information will be included in the inventory?

The inventory comprises five distinct and searchable themes:

  1. Job-Exposure Matrices
  2. Exposure Measurement Databases
  3. Other Exposure Databases
  4. Coding Systems
  5. Coding Crosswalk

How will information be collected?

All information to be included in the inventory compiled via the web-based OMEGA-NET Inventory Questionnaire. Although open to all contributors, targeted contributors will be identified through systematic web-based searches and personal records of the OMEGA-NET consortium. Researchers responsible for specific exposure tools will be contacted via email, and asked to register (to obtain a unique electronic password) and complete relevant sections of the web-based questionnaire.

Who will use the inventory?

Researchers! The inventory will be stored in a user-friendly and publically available searchable web database.

How will the information collected for the inventory be used?

  • The inventory will enable efficient exploitation of existing occupational exposure assessment tools. It will provide researchers with a quick and clear overview of all available information that they could use for assessing occupational exposures in their own studies.
  • It will provide summary information, for example, to identify important gaps where a JEM or exposure measurement database is needed. It will also facilitate publications such as an overview and description of available exposure tools in Europe, and ultimately lead to concerted efforts to facilitate harmonization across exposure assessment in occupational studies.

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