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This OMEGA-NET/EPHOR questionnaire is the result of COVID-19 working groups in the OMEGA-NET COST Action and the EU-funded EPHOR project.

The questionnaire is about the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic situation. Questions will need to be modified depending on the nature of the study and the time period of interest, e.g. during the early lockdown, following the easing of lockdown, etc. It is not intended to use all questions of this comprehensive questionnaire. If there is little space for questions in an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic survey including occupational issues, we recommend using the one-page questionnaire only. We suggest that questions with similar content should be used in a sequence and the content and the order of the questions over different study waves (e.g. within and after the pandemic) should be the same to allow for appropriate comparisons over time.

The authors included some established instruments of relevant topics in this questionnaire. The sources of these instruments are given where available. Scientists using these instruments for their research should take responsibility for their use. If you do use these questions, we would appreciate an acknowledgment of their source.

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