OMEGA-NET Webinar Series 2021

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The first session was offered by Dr. Mònica Ubalde López, Prof. Francesca Larese Filon and Dr. Alberto Modenese


19 March 2021

The first session of the OMEGA-NET webinar series of 2021 focused on:

  • Hidden treasures in European birth cohorts: parents working life, health and well-being course — Employment in the Young including Young Employment Mothers (Task 3.3). Speaker: Dr. Mònica Ubalde López.
  • Incidence of occupational contact dermatitis and research needs — Occupational Skin Diseases (Task 3.4). Speaker: Prof. Francesca Larese Filon.
  • Prevention of solar radiation risk and occupational skin cancers in outdoor workers — Occupational Skin Diseases (Task 3.4). Speaker: Dr. Alberto Modenese.


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