A New STSM Is Offered to Finalize the Work Started within the Subtask 2.4

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Image: Pascal Meier / Unsplash
Image: Pascal Meier / Unsplash

The candidate will do research on “Scoping review on methods for tobacco smoking adjustment in occupational lung cancer epidemiology”


25 May 2021

Unisanté is looking for a PhD or Postdoctoral researcher to collaborate as an STSM fellow and finalize the work started within subtask 2.4: “Scoping review on methods for tobacco smoking adjustment in occupational lung cancer epidemiology”.

This work will be coordinated by N. Bovio and I. Guseva Canu. The coordinators and the task group involving five OMEGA-NET researchers constructed the literature research string and implemented it in three research engines (Embase, Medline, and Web of Sciences).

In total, 1,288 articles have been selected for screening. So far 900 abstracts have already been read and 63 articles (5%) meeting the selection criteria have been retained. About 400 abstracts still need to be analysed. A second screening based on the full-text reading will be necessary for the selected articles.

Once this step completed, the studies should be sorted per the statistical method used and the data required for their implementation and summarized along with the size effect of each adjustment method in a scoping review manuscript. This work can be done entirely or partially remotely, but in all cases, it will request 3 months of full-time activity: 1 week for finishing the 1st screening, 3 weeks for the 2nd screening and article analysis and 2 months for drafting the manuscript.

This work is a prerequisite for the OMEGA-NET cohorts analysis, as the methods identified as the most effective for controlling confounding by smoking could be further implemented on these cohorts by OMEGA-NET researchers. It will thus complement the WP1: Cohort inventory and increase the usefulness of OMEGA-NET scientific production. Finally, the publication of the scoping review will increase the OMEGA-NET visibility.

More details of the offer can be seen in the Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) section.

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