Research Webinar on Working Life Expectancy [Online, November 2021]

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DATE: 18 November 2021
VENUE: Online
REGISTRATION: By 15 November 2021

Office building, by Mike Kononov / Unsplash
Image: Mike Kononov / Unsplash

The 2nd international research seminar on Working Life Expectancy, which is this time held online, is a part of the Nordic Collaborative Project “To what extent are work-disability and exit from work preventable?”. The main aim of this project is to explore occupation-specific prevention potential for the extension of working life in Nordic countries.

At this webinar researchers from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany will present the results of their research and address the following questions:

  • Whether working life expectancies are similar in the Nordic countries, and if not, where the differences come from.
  • Whether working life expectancy as a working population health metric could be used in impact assessment and economic evaluations?
  • What are employment and labour force participation expectancies across the life cycle?
  • What are the factors influencing working life expectancy and timing of withdrawal from the labour market?
  • How part-time work should be accounted for in estimation of working life expectancy?
  • How does the recently introduced indicator Expected Labour Market Affiliation differ from working life expectancy?

This webinar is free of charge and open to everyone who is interested in the topics to be discussed during this webinar.


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